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My Story

   Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my website.

    I am a young indie songwriter from Boston looking to write music for recording artists, as well as to license songs for film and television. My contemporary songwriting style is rooted in rock, alternative, folk, americana, pop, and country. By blending these genres together with relatable lyrical messages, I write to personally connect with listeners and to create uniquely fresh sounds that are impossible to shake.

    I allow many different styles of music to influence my writing. I was classically trained in piano and learned guitar at a young age. This knowledge of music theory and song structure built the foundations of understanding and developing these songwriting skills. As I continue to open my ears to various elements of the music world, my writing is ever evolving.

    If I have captured your interest, please check out my music page. The self-titled album "Danielle" was released under my performer name, Danielle Ashley. As a songwriter, I go by Danielle A. Gaglini. I am currently back in the studio recording new material, so please come back soon to check it out! If you are a recording artist or are looking for film/TV placements and are interested in my work, please contact me. If you just want to say hi, that's cool too. I also love connecting with and supporting other songwriters and musicians, so drop me a note!    

    Thank you for coming and I hope to see you again soon!    

   Peace and love,